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How to choose your motorhome?

Are you interested in buying a motorhome? Do you dream of exploring the roads of France and Europe? The decision's been made!

You want to buy a motorhome. But how do you choose your leisure vehicle from among the thousands of models available?

First of all, choose the type of motorhome you want to travel in.

Depending on the number of people, you won't be taking just any motorhome!

Have you noticed that there are many different types of motorhome? You can choose between a van, a panel van, a profile, a cabriolet and an integral.

It all depends on the way you travel and the number of people in your motorhome.

The nasturtium

If you're a family, we recommend the capucine for tighter budgets. This type of motorhome is no longer available as a new model. Manufacturers have replaced them with profiles with a roof bed.

camping-car capucine


You can also go with an integral. Even if the budget is higher than for a convertible motorhome, you'll appreciate the interior space. The very large roof bed of the integral often serves as a second sleeping area. Children can sleep in either direction!

  Pavilion bed in an integral motorhome

Profile motorhomes

If you're traveling with 2 people, we recommend a profile motorhome.

However, you can sleep up to 4 people, as for some years now there has been a pavilion bed.

AUTOSTAR PERFORMANCE P600  roof bed lowered

The van

If you want a small motorhome, then opt for a van.

For most vans, there are only 2 sleeping berths. The 3rd berth is optional.

the van

Then choose the type of bed

The second criterion is certainly the type of main berth and whether you want a second berth. First of all, you need to know how you live in your motorhome.

Twin beds

These are "single" beds, glued to each wall of the motorhome. They are often positioned at the rear of the vehicle. The bed can often be supplemented by quick and easy handling, to create a transverse bed.

Twin beds in motorhomes       

The central bed

This type of bed is very often requested. AUTOSTAR's 2-seater bed is 160cm wide. The bed is located at the rear of the vehicle and in the center of the room, accessible from either side of the bed. This type of bed also allows each person to stand up without disturbing the other person in the bed. For several years now, this type of bed has also made it possible to offer a very large hold under the central bed.

AUTOSTAR motorhome central bed

The French bed

Much less in demand in recent years, this type of bed does have a few advantages. It consists of a 130cm-wide double bed at the rear of the vehicle, glued to a wall. This type of bed makes for a more spacious bathroom.

French bed for motorhomes

The transverse bed

The transverse bed is located at the rear of the vehicle in the width of the motorhome. This type of vehicle is of great interest to motorhome fans. In fact, the majority of vehicles with a transverse bed are also equipped with a very large storage compartment under the bed.

Transverse bed in a motorhome

Bunk beds

They are often designed for children.

The butterfly bed

This type of bed is located at the front of the vehicle, at ceiling level. It's a very comfortable 2-seater bed. The advantage of this type of bed is that, during the day, you can't see the bed at all, as it's in the ceiling, just above the saloon.

Pavilion bed in a profiled motorhome

The type of bed is chosen, then what?

You've finally chosen the style of bed you want. Now all you have to do is choose your living space.

We'll tell you all about it in a future article!


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