Can I travel in my motorhome with children?

Travelling in a motorhome is guaranteed to provide unforgettable family moments. Children love to go away with their parents and also, and especially, their grandparents! This is why most of the models in the AUTOSTAR range are available registered with 4 seats.

It is a few years now since the overcab was the only model for families, you can also travel with your children in an A-Class or a low profile. In fact, most low profiles have 4 bed spaces; a permanent bed at the back of the vehicle and a double bed set into the ceiling.

For greater convenience we would recommend our models with our more modern layout, the face to face lounge. They offer a feeling of space and conviviality with an open kitchen, a vast lounge and two Aquiti driving seats with 3-point seat belts hidden in the 2 benches. The two car seats can be unfolded in seconds; the conversion of the bench into a car seat is child’s play!

Starting with the 2019 range all AUTOSTAR models with a face to face lounge will be equipped with the ISOFIX system for maximum safety and comfort. This will have numerous advantages if a child seat is used.

Do I need a special driving licence to drive a motorhome?

Be careful about the vehicle’s gross vehicle weight (GVW/MAM). With a category B driving licence you can drive all models, large and small motorhomes, whose GVW is not over 3,500kg.

For vehicles over this weight an HGV licence is required. In the UK for category B, if you passed your test before 1 January 1997 You’re usually allowed to drive a vehicle and trailer combination up to 8,250kg maximum authorised mass (MAM). View your driving licence information to check. You’re also allowed to drive a minibus with a trailer over 750kg MAM. If you passed your test on or after 1 January 1997
You can drive vehicles up to 3,500kg MAM with up to 8 passenger seats (with a trailer up to 750kg).r class=”xliff-newline” />
If you have a category C permit you can choose an option to extend the GVW. Do not hesitate to ask for more detailed information from your dealer.

How does electricty work in a motorhome?

You can travel for several days without charging the batteries. A motorhome is equipped with 2 types of batteries. There is the one linked to the engine, which discharges normally, and which allows you to start the vehicle. The other is used for consumption in the unit. You can check its state on the main control panel.

To recharge the battery, most users of motorhomes stop on camp sites. There you can find 220V electric sockets, so that you can save your battery overnight or for several days. There are many sites in France to welcome you and there are apps such park4night which help you discover and share good stopping places, ones which make life good to live.

To complement your battery a solar panel could be a useful extra by ensuring a permanent charge. There are several models and different power levels. Do not hesitate to contact your motorhome dealer or EURO ACCESSOIRES, the TRIGANO specialist for all motorhome accessories.

Can I reserve extra options in advance?

When you buy your motorhome, make sure you check carefully all the options you want before you order. Naturally your Autostar dealer will know how to help you as you make up your mind.

For options linked to loadbearing, such as 150 hp or 180 hp, alloy wheels etc. the constructor will order a chassis that is configured to your needs. As the build takes some time, the client will no longer be able to change these options after a few weeks.

For options linked to the unit such as the oven, hitching, jacks, insulated water reservoir, heating etc. These are ordered by from the constructor by the dealer and are decided when the order is taken.

For accessories such as bicycle carriers, awnings, TV etc. these are often put in place at the dealership. If you need to make a change then the timings are not so vital.

Can the motorhome be used in winter?

Everything depends on your motorhome’s finish level, for example insulation will be important and there are several different types. Autostar uses high performing materials to protect your vehicle from external threats (gravel, branches etc.). Much less fragile than aluminium, PROTEC-STAR (Polyester or AluFibre) constitutes optimal protection of all the external areas of the unit (roof, sides, back and underfloor). Styrofoam which is much more rigid and performs better than polystyrene gives your motorhome improved insulation.

The double floor

For those who travel a lot, the double floor offers not just the ability to stow large objects (skis, snowboard, parasols, fishing rods), but especially it protects the water pipes and tanks against the cold. A huge plus when you travel in winter!

Good ventilation

AUTOSTAR VENTIL’PLUS ventilation allows hot air to spread evenly around the motorhome. The design of the furniture includes numerous air vents and grills to effectively fight against the problems of condensation.


Naturally, heat output is vital in winter.

Most motorhomes are equipped with TRUMA COMBI 4 (4000W) or TRUMA COMBI 6 (6000W) boilers. To prolong the life of the gas bottles we recommend the EH option, which allows you to use the 220V heating.

But if you want top of the range heating we recommend ALDE heating and which comes with Autostar vehicles. The boiler system functions alternately with gas or electricity and diffuses via the radiators a gentle, even heat over all the motorhome. The air, heated by a heat transfer liquid, circulates naturally round the cab offering the occupants a wholesome heat. AUTOSTAR, a pioneer in the use of heating, has used ALDE heating for 30 years.

What is the minimum age for driving a motorhome?

With a category B driving licence you can drive all types of, large and small motorhomes, whose GVW is not over 3,500kg.

However, if you want to hire a motorhome, you will need to have had a licence for at least 3 years and be over 21. Our partner HERTZ, a member of the TRIGANO Group, will be able to advise you on the type of vehicle you can hire if you have not had a licence long.

Acheter un camping-car

Where should I buy a new motorhome?

This is quite a large investment and before choosing you need to ask yourself the right questions. How many registered seats do you need, how many people would you expect to be travelling? Do you need a fixed bed and a second bed? Do you need a garage for bicycles? Will you also need it in winter? If yes, then the insulation of your motorhome will be vital. Be careful about the weight of the vehicle if you adding lots of accessories.

Our dealer network

To reply to these questions, we advise you to talk to one of our sales representatives. He will know how to point you towards the vehicle, whether new or second-hand, that will suit you best..

There are a large number of dealers who will be able offer you new or second-hand AUTOSTAR vehicles. .

Trade fairs

If you want to see a large number of models in a short time, why not visit a trade fair? You will find fairs dedicated to motorhomes in many large cities. These are organised by the dealers in a region and are held annually.

You can also go to the Le Bourget leisure vehicles trade fair. This takes place at the end of September and early October. In theory you should find all the models available in France. Autostar shows a large part of its range over 1300 m2.

What can I get for my second-hand motorhome?

To know the second-hand cost of a motorhome, it is important to know the value of your vehicle including all the engine and chassis options and the equipment in the unit. As concerns the mileage, the price is worked out on an average mileage of 12,000km a year.

This calculation is a starting point as the actual value of the vehicle will be determined my the motorhome market. The brand will be critical when the final price is decided.

AUTOSTAR motorhomes are often priced high as they have the reputation of being very reliable and very good quality. If you would like to know the guide price, ask the advice of one of AUTOSTAR’s dealers

Reviews and specialist internet sites

You can also find a guide price in specialist magazines such as CAMPING-CAR MAGAZINE or LE MONDE DU CAMPING-CAR.

Where can I buy a second-hand motorhome?

You can buy a second-hand motorhome from a private owner.It is a good way to get a good deal, but be careful, there will be no guarantees if there is a problem

Professionals and in particular our qualified AUTOSTAR dealers also have second-hand models. They will have a larger choice and, in addition, the vehicle will have been serviced and the dealer will offer you a guarantee on the vehicle. This means that you can be confident of what you buy.

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