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The pavilion bed, compact and comfortable

The pavilion bed, compact and comfortable

A 7-meter-long motorhome with two double beds? It's possible! Discover the Autostar profiled motorhome, featuring a roof bed in addition to the central bed.

For the majority of people who own a motorhome, it serves as a second home. That's why it's important to optimize your living space to make the most of it.


Profile motorhome and bunk bed 

The bed is one of the most important criteria when choosing a motorhome. The profile motorhome is one of today's trendsetters. The bunk bed offers a high-quality, retractable sleeping system above the living room.

When the bunk bed is raised to the ceiling during the day, it doesn't encroach on the living space inside the motorhome, as the 1.85 m bed height is more than sufficient to move around comfortably. What's more, this motorhome is only 6.69 m long. A truly compact motorhome which nevertheless offers a number of advantages, including the roof bed.

The central bed of the Autostar Autostar motorhome can also accommodate up to 4 people, and is height-adjustable to optimize the available space. A significant advantage of the bunk bed is that it features an electric lowering and raising system, so no effort is required.

Why choose a motorhome ?

This motorhome model is one of the most compact on the market, offering numerous advantages. Having two double beds in an optimized space is a real plus, and will delight many future buyers. The streamlined motorhome has a design advantage and, thanks to its compact size, low fuel consumption.

The roof bed is rarely available in other motorhome models. So if you're traveling with 4 people, this is the vehicle for you.





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