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The Prestige Range, the flagship of AUTOSTAR expertise and passion There are no limits to excess in this integral designed to maximize everything. The jewel in AUTOSTAR's crown, this top-of-the-range model guarantees the very best in Integral technology and comfort.
This PERFORMANCE streamlined model is compact and easy to handle. The engine is not to be outdone, with 170 HP in the auto gearbox. It's all there in practical terms: just 2.16m wide, plenty of clever storage space and twin beds that can be converted into a king-size bed for maximum comfort.
P600, the advantages of a van, the comfort of a profile This PERFORMANCE profile model is easy to handle, maneuver and park. At just 1.16 m wide, its motorhome design and van features make it the most maneuverable vehicle in the collection.

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Partir en camping-car par tous temps et toute l’année est primordial pour beaucoup de camping-caristes. Réputée pour ses camping-cars au confort optimal et ses équipements haut de gamme, AUTOSTAR bénéficie déjà depuis quelques années du label CLASS III.