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Where to park your motorhome?

A motorhome vacation means complete freedom!

But be careful! Where can you really park and camp your motorhome?

A 3.5T motorhome can be parked in the same places as a car, as long as it is actually parked.

There's a difference between parking and camping

While you can park almost anywhere, wild camping is virtually impossible. You'll have to camp in regulated parking spaces for motorhomes.

camper van camping near a lake            parking your autostar motorhome

Parking space

A motor home is considered to be parked in a space if:

  •  If it does not stay more than 7 days on the same site. Communes often allow a maximum stay of 48 hours; if they don't put limit bars 🙁
  • If the location does not obstruct traffic.
  • If the site is not on the seashore, near a listed site, in the heart of a nature reserve, or in certain areas defined by mayoral decree.

Service area

A service area is used only for emptying wastewater, toilet cassettes and filling up with water.

Reception area

This service area is often located near a reception area where you can camp with your motorhome.

camper park in the mountains

Electricity, water and sewage disposal services are available for every site. Most are equipped with coin-operated pay stations.

Some motorhome parks are free, but many are not. They are managed either by local authorities or, increasingly, by private companies such as camping-car park.

France Passion is a completely different concept. You can stop off with your motorhome at winegrowers', farmers' or craftsmen's, free of charge. Spaces are set aside for motorhomers. In return, you can discover and buy their local products and crafts.


The campsite

If you don't want to worry about the location of your next stopover, we recommend a camping pitch. You'll have access to the campsite's sanitary facilities. You'll also have access to the campsite's sanitary facilities, so you can empty your camper van and toilet and fill up with water.

Phone applications for camping in motorhomes

No need to panic! Motorhoming is still a vacation where you're free to go whenever and wherever you want! So you can decide to take off in a motorhome without having to prepare or choose your pitches in advance.

In fact, there are smartphone applications that allow you to find parking areas according to your location. Such is the case with park4night

The application geolocates you and suggests reception areas, campsites or parking lots for camping and parking.

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