1) The best carriers

Choosing a AUTOSTAR motorhome, is to know that you benefit from technology that is the most suited to your preferred leisure interests. AUTOSTAR has chosen to build all its models on the special FIAT Ducato Multijet 2 motorhome chassis. This very new generation of chassis’ benefits from the latest innovations created by FIAT engineers which ensure that the 3 latest engines comply with EURO 6 emissions standards

There are many advantages: reduced consumption in comparison with previous models, lower CO2 emissions, preservation of the environment, more torque (in particular for the 150hp) and weight gains (180hp). You will also benefit from greater reliability and improved driving conditions, with reduced rolling resistance tyres, the composition of engine oils and materials to reduce piston friction as well as the optimisation of the motor performance software for reduced consumption.

2) Innovative technology

Essential criteria when choosing a future motorhome are comfort and quality. The performance of AUTOSTAR technology ensures these criteria have been optimised and are plus points. When looking at construction materials AUTOSTAR is continually sourcing the best for the unit as well as the furniture in its motorhomes. Identified by the PROTEC-STAR label, your AUTOSTAR unit is perfectly protected against external assaults and well insulated in both summer and winter.

During these last few years innovation has not slowed, there is now VENTIL’PLUS technology, an ingenious furniture design that allows for permanent natural ventilation and a better distribution of heat in the cab. With the EASY gas store, the handling of two gas bottles becomes child’s play. The XXL central bed has become the standard for the new range. The very resistant BEDLINER material effectively protects the garage.

Since 2017 fixing rails with adjustable anchoring rings have been carefully embedded into the floor so that you can take advantage of the whole width of the garage. Because storage capacity is one of your preoccupations, the very large garages of the LIFT models also benefit from being able to adjust their height and A-class vehicles on a Fiat-Alko chassis can take advantage of the latest changes which offer even more storage space. Finally, all AUTOSTAR A-class motorhomes have excellent visibility to the front thanks to VISION PLUS.

3) The quality and finish of our joinery

With good reason, for decades AUTOSTAR has been known for its legendary skills, and it remains so today. Our factory in St-Brandon has kept joinery in house even though many other builders of motorhomes only assemble furniture whose production is sub-contracted to large manufacturers. Our joiners work with the finest materials with still the same passion; thick plywood construction, CPL and stratified wood are a guarantee of robustness and longevity.


As concerns the upholstery we call on upholsterers that are known for their skills. They work the best textiles with dexterity, care and precision. All the materials, textiles, foams, and even the manufacturing techniques are rigorously selected.

5) The best equipment

ABS, driver and passenger airbags, cruise control and speed limiter, air conditioning in the cab. Our standard equipment contributes to your comfort and thanks to its close links with the TRIGANO GROUP, European leader in leisure vehicles AUTOSTAR can offer the best in equipment at the lowest cost.

It is why, for an equivalent price, an AUTOSTAR motorhome is, in general better fitted out than its competitors. Since 1989,AUTOSTAR has excelled in central heating thanks to ALDE technology, creating central heating and hot water circulation. This equipment can be offered on all models: the ALDE option on the Privilège and Passion ranges but the ALDE ELITE pack is standard on the Prestige range.

6) Guarantees

Acquiring a new motorhome is a choice based on mature reflection and because you want to feel reassured the purchase of new AUTOSTAR is accompanied by a number of guarantees: 2 years for parts and labour for the engine and the unit and 7 years for the weatherproofing. In addition AUTOSTAR offers breakdown cover 24/7.

Our network of motorhome experts is there to lend an ear and come to your aid if there is a breakdown. This service is offered free during the first year for all 2019 models. Finally, because your motorhome is an investment, the PROTEC-STAR label offers the best guarantee when you resell.

7) The pleasure of "Made in France"

Welcome aboard a MADE IN FRANCE leisure vehicle from our factory situated near St-Brieuc (22). Its know-how is remarkable and unique in Brittany and has been known since the start of the leisure vehicle industry. It employs staff qualified and trained as joiners, coach building, sheet metal workers, electricians, heating engineers and technicians. It is one of the major employers in the area and supports a very dense network of suppliers and subcontractors.

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