Constructor guarantee

The waterproofing of your AUTOSTAR motorhome is guaranteed for 7 years (with a annual service by a qualified member of our AUTOSTAR network). In addition to the waterproofing guarantee, motorhomes have a two year guarantee on the units.


One of the best after sales networks in France and in Europe is at your service and ready to lend an ear. To ensure that parts for current models and older ones are delivered in good condition AUTOSTAR relies on a high performing platform for distributors and those servicing the best motorhomes: Trigano Service.

24 hour assistance

Accessible to all buyers of a new motorhome in the AUTOSTAR range AUTOSTAR ASSISTANCE* offers you, beside the usual services included in breakdown cover, 24/7 availability with staff trained in breakdowns and online recovery. This service is free during the first year

(*) Terms and conditions are available on demand.

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