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What are the different motorhome beds?

Sleeping arrangements in motorhomes

You've made up your mind! For your next vacation, you're going to take to the road in a motorhome!

Renting a motorhome isn't for you. Instead, you've decided to buy a motorhome!

How to choose your motorhome?

Once you have chosen the type of motorhome that suits you best: capucine, profile, integral or van... (See article "What are the different types of motorhome?"),

we advise you to choose the type of bed you want. Indeed, the choice of bed is an important criterion in the purchase of a motorhome.

When it comes to motorhome beds, there are several possibilities.

Below is an overview of the different types of bed:

The central bed - Advantages and disadvantages

Camper central bed           central bed

For several years now, this has been the most popular type of bed. The central bed is a ready-made bed located in the rear of the motorhome, in the middle.

You can access the bed from either side. Getting out of bed without waking your neighbor is a comfort not to be overlooked!

You'll also be able to sleep peacefully, as some central beds are 150 cm wide and 198 cm long.

The disadvantage of this type of bed is the space required for the bedroom. If you want a central bed, you'll have to choose a large motorhome.

For this type of bed, manufacturers also offer space-saving Lift and Slide systems. This is the case, for example, with AUTOSTAR's PASSION I721LCA.

central bed

And on most models, the bed can be folded up, providing a very large cargo hold.

The transverse bed - Advantages and disadvantages

Van design edition V590LT cross bed

The extra-large cargo hold is a major factor when choosing the transverse bed. It keeps your bikes out of sight. An advantage not to be overlooked when motorhoming!

Another advantage of this type of bed is its length. Tall people will appreciate the transverse bed. It is located at the rear of the vehicle and occupies the full width of the vehicle.

The disadvantages of this type of bed are the height of the bed, access and also the lack of space for the living room, kitchen or bathroom.

The French bed - Advantages and disadvantages

At the rear of the vehicle and glued to one side, the French bed gives you a permanent bed, while leaving space on the other side of the vehicle for the bathroom and a closet.

The disadvantage of this type of bed is its width. The camper bed is no wider than 130 cm - 140 cm, and is narrower at the feet.

Twin beds - Advantages and disadvantages

Camping-car twin beds

Made up of 2 single beds, twin beds are generally at the rear of the motorhome, glued to each side. You can also add an extra bed to make 1 large bed. So you can sleep comfortably.

Another advantage is that the beds are generally raised, which means there's plenty of room in the cargo hold!

Bunk beds - Advantages and disadvantages

Bunk beds are often found in motorhomes, usually at the rear of the motorhome. This type of sleeping arrangement is ideal for families. Bunk beds are very popular with children. The bottom bunk can even be used as a crib if a bed rail is fitted, just like at home.

The dinette bed - Advantages and disadvantages.

This is not a ready-made bed. The dinette can be converted into a bed by lowering the table and moving the cushions. The living room then becomes a bed.

The advantage is that it saves space. You've got plenty of room during the day, since there's no bed. Tip: Try turning the living room into a dinette bed before you leave. It's always unpleasant to find yourself playing jigsaw puzzles with the various cushions in the living room!

The nasturtium bed - Advantages and disadvantages.

This type of bed has not been widely used in recent years. In fact, this bed is located above the driver's cab and can be accessed via a ladder. Ideal for families. Unfortunately, this cab bed can get caught in the wind when driving.

There are few "capucine" motorhomes on the French market today. These have given way to profiled motorhomes with bunk beds.

The roof bed - Advantages and disadvantages

Built-in roof bed           roof bed lowered

The bed is located above the living room and is fully retractable.

Advantage: The bed doesn't take up all the room, leaving you plenty of living space.

Disadvantage: To lower the bed, a little manipulation is required, either electrically or manually.

The choice is yours!

If you decide on the type of bed, you'll also need to choose the type of living room you want.

In the meantime, take a look at our 2022 catalog in the "Brochures" section.

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