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What are the different types of motorhome?

For some time now, you've been dreaming of going on a trip! Take to the road in your motorhome and go wherever you please! So why not buy a motorhome?

But how do you choose your motorhome ?

The choice of your leisure vehicle should be based on your lifestyle and use.

INTEGRAL - Its advantages and disadvantages

What is an integral?

On a bare chassis (a FIAT carrier), the manufacturer installs an integral cell and a front end specific to each brand. Autostar's front end is both stylish and functional. With a panoramic windscreen, you'll be able to enjoy superb landscapes throughout your travels! In fact, thanks to this front panel, visibility aboard your integral will be maximized thanks to the "VISION PLUS" innovation.

integral vision

This AUTOSTAR breakthrough is based on a few fundamentals:

  • A lower windshield that's easier to clean.
  • A sloping dashboard and windscreen improve visibility behind the wheel.
  • The ergonomics of the driver's seat have been redesigned for a better driving position.

Its advantages and disadvantages

Considered a luxury motorhome, the integral tends to impress on the outside.

But above all, thanks to its generous dimensions, the integral motorhome offers a pleasant living space inside.

integral living space
Beautiful living space in the PASSION I693LC

This is the case, for example, with face-to-face lounge models such as i730LC and I721LC .

When we think of integral motorhomes, we often think of large motorhomes, but this is not always the case. There are also small, very spacious integral motorhomes. This is the case, for example, with AUTOSTAR's PASSION I660, a small integral motorhome measuring 6.60m.

THE PROFILE - Its advantages and disadvantages

What is a profile?

Profile motorhomes consist primarily of a chassis cab supplied by the chassis manufacturer, in this case FIAT for AUTOSTAR , and a body fitted out by the motorhome manufacturer.

The advantages of a profiled motorhome?

  1. Thanks to its smaller dimensions, the profile has lower fuel consumption than the full motorhome.
  2. Profile motorhomes are also easier to handle than integral motorhomes.
  3. The profile is often less expensive than an integral. Many motorhome owners start by buying a profile motorhome. Autostar offers profiles in 2 different ranges: PRIVILEGE AND PASSION.

The disadvantages of the profile?

  1. Made up of a chassis-cab, the profile is less spacious in terms of the cabin and therefore the living room.
  2. The profile is designed for 4 people, but the second berth is a bunk bed above the living room, or depending on the model, the living room may have to be converted into a berth.

THE COMPACT PROFILE - Advantages and disadvantages

This new type of motorhome has recently become very popular.

In fact, if you're a fan of a small leisure vehicle , the compact profile can be an alternative to the van.

Autostar offers a new range of 4 vehicles: PERFORMMANCE range.

The advantages of a compact profile

A performance profile is above all a vehicle that's easier to handle.

  1. At just 2.16 m wide, it's still easy to maneuver and park compared with a standard profile.
  2. The compact profile may be smaller, but it's just as well-equipped as a standard motorhome, and more comfortable in terms of equipment than a van.

THE VAN OR THE FOURGON - Advantages and disadvantages

From its utilitarian appearance, the van is transformed by the manufacturer into a leisure vehicle.

The advantages of a converted van

  1. The van is more discreet and less high. This means you'll have easier access to spots where few motorhomes can reach.
  2. The van can easily be used as a 2nd car. An opportunity to save on the latter's budget and treat yourself to an all-in-one package.

The disadvantages of a converted van

The van is less recommended if you want to go away in winter and away from campsites; you won't have the same comfort as a motorhome.

Inside, we're more cramped and therefore live outside more often. Not all vans have a shower. VAN Design Edition" vans, on the other hand, have an ingenious, modular shower.

shower in a van   


So you've chosen between a van, a profile, a compact profile and anintegral, and now it's time to move on to the next stage:

Which layout to choose? Which layout is right for you?

A living room facing each other? A central bed or twin beds ? a cargo hold ?

We invite you to discover the AUTOSTAR 2022 catalog by clicking HERE

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