Comfort as an obvious


PROTECTION OF THE UNIT OVER TIME In order to guarantee the best quality, AUTOSTAR uses high performing materials to protect your motorhome from external damage (hail, gravel, branches etc.) Much less fragile than aluminium, construction using PROTEC STAR (Polyester or AluFiber for the Prestige range) constitutes optimal protection for the outside of the unit (roof, sides, back and even the underside). Styrofoam, which is much more rigid and high performing than polystyrene, will protect your touring vehicle against the possibility of bending out of shape over time and will increase the insulation of your motorhome PEACE OF MIND-GUARANTEE The mix of quality materials (water-repellent Styrofoam + outer frame of expanded rot-resistant PVC), ensures you will have the best protection over time. The waterproofing guarantee for your AUTOSTAR motorhome is now for 7 years COMFORT-SAVINGS The use if Styrofoam in the building of your AUTOSTAR motorhome means excellent heat insulation. The living area is protected from heat in summer and retains it in winter which means you save on gas. FAMILY LIFE AND SLEEPING MADE EASIER The PROTEC-STAR label ensures high-performing sound insulation. External noise is muffled and life for you is more peaceful PROTECTION OF THE UNDERSIDE OF THE FLOOR WITH A THICK LAYER OF POLYESTER  

Ventil’ Plus

The design of the AUTOSTAR equipment, known as VENTIL'PLUS, includes a number of air intakes, grills, fans and air vents. The cab therefore has efficient, natural and permanent, ventilation which helps to effectively control problems of condensation and any unpleasant smells aboard your motorhome. MORE EVEN HEAT DISTRIBUTION The VENTIL'PLUS system also allows for a even heat distribution in the cab. By circulating behind the furniture and cupboards, there is optimal heat convection, which increases comfort. The AUTOSTAR low profiles have a grill at the front at floor level which comfortably heats those travelling on the seats in the unit. As for A-class motorhomes, the series is equipped with a heating conduit that passes through the control panel, ideal for complementing the normal heating circuit.

Confort Plus

Because your comfort when you are stopping over is a major preoccupation for our engineers, they have now developed a heating system for the front of your motorhome. Whether an A-class or a low profile, each benefits from a particular system that enables the cab to be heated when stationary. For A class models a heating cable (or radiators for the ALDE version) passes through the control panel and hot air is propelled through all of the cold area of the windscreen. In low profiles this is achieved with a heating grill on the floor, ingeniously placed at the foot of the cab seats which so that when they are turned round, it produces a feeling of well being when stationary. Nothing is left to chance to ensure that all your journeys are as comfortable as they can be.

Central XXL bed

Because comfortable sleeping quarters are vital in a top of the range motorhome, AUTOSTAR has once again improved its beds with its XXL design. In addition to the thickness of the mattress (12 to 14cm on central beds) and finished with memory foam (starting with the Passion range), all models in the range with a central bed are now available in a 1.5m width and a maximum length of 1.98m.

Certified Classe III

  • ALDE heating: the most efficient of all
  • Enjoy "ALL SEASONS" comfort

Ergonomics to your image


More practical and more ergonomic, the installation of gas bottles is made easier by this new idea. The removal of the threshold bar and the lowering of the garage area simplifies handling and saves unnecessary effort. The addition of fixing rings increases the safety of the installation. All in all, this exclusive AUTOSTAR technology brings you the greatest level of comfort possible  


To enable you to change the height of the garage to meet your needs, AUTOSTAR offers an ingenious system of adjustment available on all LIFT models. Easy to use, the height is manually altered and can be adjusted on demand. This clever mechanism allows you to add 250mm of garage height. If you are in front of the bed access to the garage is simple; all you need is to raise the bed-base helped by two jacks. The very tiniest detail to do with your comfort has been thought about.

Height 2.79m

With this sort of height overall, the 2+2 PASSION Low Profile is one of the lowest on the market. These motorhomes however, also include a double overhead bed, and a practical double floor. This technological performance is possible thanks to the overhead bed being set into the ceiling which makes it more or less invisible.

Double floor

For those who love to travel, there is nothing like a motorhome that has a practical double floor, it offers extra storage areas within it and pipes and a container for used water are protected from the cold, it also creates a floor that is all at the same level, there is no step into the cab. So many vital extras when you are touring all year round. This is standard on all A class models and is available on low profiles starting with the Passion range. For those who like an ALKO chassis, the DOUBLE FLOOR system offers, in addition, the ability to store large items across the whole width of the vehicle, with access from each side. This is referred to as double floor storage and is available on Passion A models and on the whole PRESTIGE Elite range. In 2019 AUTOSTAR, using this technology, will make available even more space for transverse storage and create specific compartments: WATERBOX for water and POWERBOX for electrical equipment.

Width 2.16m

Sneaking around, even in tight spaces, driving and parking more easily, reducing fuel consumption, and so many advantages. This is the whole point of the new PERFORMANCE range. The design is completely new. The "3 star" level of services and equipment allows you to enjoy AUTOSTAR comfort and quality at an affordable price. Your benefit: narrower, more compact and more manoeuvrable.

Optimum security

Vision Plus

On the road or while manoeuvring your eyes are your greatest allies. With VISION PLUS visibility on board your A-class is maximised whatever you are doing. This Autostar innovation is based on 4 fundamentals:
  • an ergonomic redesign of the drivers seat to give you a better driving position,
  • a forward leaning instrument panel and windscreen which improves visibility while at the wheel,
  • better safety while driving with LED running lights standard,
  • a windscreen that is lower and therefore easier to clean

Perimeter surveillance 360

  • 4 Cameras
  • For more safety
  • On the road and on site

4 car style seats

Easy to use and including a seat belt, each seat has and adjustable back for use during long or short journeys, so that car-like seat comfort can be maintained. They now also have, as standard, an ISOFIX fitting which means you can safely use a child seat. They are also fold away to make them less conspicuous. AUTOSTAR is still increasing the comfort of its seats. Larger and more ergonomic they are now easily removed to increase garage space.  


All AUTOSTAR touring vehicles are equipped with a very particular material, BEDLINER, to protect the floor of the garage from daily wear, for the long term. Also, to enable you to use the whole loading width, the fixing rails are embedded in the floor. Adjustable anchoring rings complete the equipment organised down to the smallest detail.
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