Autostar, a French builder that has been innovating since 1973

The AUTOSTAR adventure began in the seventies near St-Brieuc, with Star Caravans. With 350 employees, it was already one of the main builders of caravans on the market. In 1973, at the Bourget trade fair, the brand revolutionised the construction of vehicles for the leisure market with its new ISOSTAR technology

Unveiling an insulation system that was more effective than the simple metal sheet and glass fibre as used by its competitors, it marked a turning point in the design of leisure vehicles. Today what we call the sandwich panel is now commonplace.


  • 2020 : Always a step ahead, AUTOSTAR offers to truly demanding customers a new 5 stars range called PRESTIGE Design edition. Even more comfortable, with even higher equipment level and with a fully refreshed interior and design.
  • 2019 : To celebrate 30 years of  the A-class range, AUTOSTAR introduces a special range called “30th edition” available on all i730LCs Privilege, Passion and Prestige.
  • 2018 – Always ahead of the game AUTOSTAR is offering the first 7m motorhomes with a central bed and a lounge where you sit face to face. The 693LC A-class and low profiles offered as the CELTIC limited edition were very successful as soon as they were launched.
  • 2017 – Launch of the Passion I720SUA at the Bourget Trade Fair; the first A-class motorhome with a U-shaped lounge, double floor and storage and bicycle garage.
  • 2016 – A new generation of low profiles with flush overhead bed; lower in the outside (2.79m) and spacious inside. The exclusive launch of the I730LC Prestige revolutionised the lounge area with its 2 face to face bench seats
  • 2015 – 30th anniversary of the founding of the motorhome brand
  • 2014 – Inauguration of the 7th generation of A-class motorhomes
  • 2009 Birth of the oxygen design
  • 2001 – The TRIGANO becomes the main shareholder
  • 1999 – Inauguration of the new factory at St-Brandan
  • 1997 – Unveiling of the Aryal 80, the first 6 wheel HGV
  • 1989 – Building of the first A-class motorhomes – inclusion as standard of the first ALDE heating systems
  • 1986 – Creation of the AUTOSTAR motorhome brand
  • 1974 – The first fitted vans built by STAR CARAVANS
  • 1973 – Unveiling of the first caravan insulated using sandwich panels

Incomparable skills and experience

In a world where there are more and more time constraints, the search for peace and escape has become a basic need. A desire freedom is what drives your quest for a motorhome. There is no need prepare your holiday weeks in advance, reserve tickets or hotels. Your AUTOSTAR motorhome is always ready for a new adventure and new experiences.

You are free to travel where you want

Sea, mountains, countryside, desert, hot countries cold climates – any destination is possible and if the weather is not kind all you need to do is reprogram the satnav and let your AUTOSTAR guide you to new horizons. Your AUTOSTAR is your home, your mobile 5* hotel. After roaming the countryside, swimming in the Mediterranean, skiing down the mountain or fishing in Brittany you get back to your practical, warm and comfortable home.

a motorhome that reflects your way of life

Low profile, A-class, central bed, central bed to one side, bed in the centre over garage or twin beds, compact or spacious – you will find the motorhome that will meet your needs and expectations for the years to come.

The latest technology

Since the nineteen-eighties AUTOSTAR has been designing and producing innovative motorhomes. Listening to our customers means we can satisfy the most exacting clients over the long term. The last technological advances have benefited the latest generation of A-class motorhomes. Aerodynamic studies have resulted in advances in all areas; fuel economy, improvements in sound insulation, increased visibility for the driver.

Innovation is in our DNA

For decades AUTOSTAR has been ensuring you benefit from its innovations in construction. Following on the creation of the PROTEC-STAR quality label, the idea of ventilated furniture VENTIL’PLUS, the ergonomic gas store EASY, the bed whose height can be adjusted LIFT, protection of the garage BEDLINER, innovation has continued apace. Today the new AUTOSTAR technology ensures even more comfort and wellbeing – the XXL central bed, the new ALKO double floor and the FACE to FACE lounge with its 4 car seats now removable are offered as standard on a number of models in the new range.

A French builder

In the heart of Britanny, the skills of our teams are at the service of your dreams. Highly qualified staff offer the best design quality and the best choice of components so that your travels are even better in an AUTOSTAR.

A passion in common

Because creating motorhomes is a job for the passionate in the service of the passionate, the designers of our new collection have accented mood, the quality of the materials, equipment and storage. More than ever, making sure you are happy is, in our eyes, a real PRIVILÈGE. Our PASSION is to offer you greater PRESTIGE.

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