Fuel economy, enhanced sound insulation, improved carbon footprint … Our customers have come up with a new generation of integrations, which is why Autostar is offering it today. Because to satisfy the most demanding, it takes the best of technology, our engineers have designed a range offering the best possible travel comfort.

Tous nos modèles a-class

According to your tastes, your way of traveling and your needs, you can be seduced by three different finishes:


Owning an exceptional vehicle is a privilege that allows you to enjoy a contemporary and qualitative interior atmosphere. This includes low-energy LED lighting integrated into the furniture and two-tone and varnished flag cabinet doors. With its high level of standard equipment and its PROTEC-STAR certified construction, this finish offers an attractive price in “all inclusive” version.


When passion is at the service of innovation, you enjoy an excellent level of standard equipment carrier and cell. This range of integrals has an extremely attractive interior. In addition to the PROTEC-STAR certified construction including all the technological assets of Autostar, the entire range is equipped with a double technical floor offering even more storage and enhanced sound insulation. To sum up, it’s the high-end Autostar at the right price.


For more prestige, luxury and robustness are in perfect harmony. Looking for an exterior and interior design that highlights your taste for beautiful things? With the natural elegance of its line and its furniture, this finish will delight you. Your comfort is not left out since the best equipment is embedded: ALDE central heating, ALKO chassis, integrated multimedia station, outdoor shower, double floor, labeled PROTEC-STAR ALUFIBER construction … A luxury of refinement until the smallest details. A PRESTIGE range in the French style.

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